Curators of A Vibrant Culture.

Good   Stewards of  A   Sustainable  World

We envision​ a thriving urban-rural network directly connecting resource to consumer creating an open exchange of quality products, goods and services.

Our primary goal, then, is to create a thriving urban to rural consortium of business owners working together to supply the needs and meet the demands of its local and regional community partners.


Beginning in marginalized, low-income, impoverished, distressed and otherwise disabled communities, we look to create a platform of technical assistance and capacity building geared towards improving core and critical life skills. 

We envision local community groups, business owners, trade associations and grassroots organizations working together towards community sustainability.   

Working towards self-sustainability requires:


  • improving skilled and professional labor;

  • developing community resources;

  • building and restoring community infrastructure;

  • and improving community relationships.

Doing so, we look to rebuild individual self-sufficiency and improve local community sustainability in every major market, including:





We are a Neighborhood aNd Community Reinvestment club that offers comprehensive programming to Improve The Health And Well-Being of our Families, Neighborhoods And Communities.

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