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The last few years have been a challenge. Whether it be due to an astrological phenomenon, a psychosocial one, or simply due to sitting in a cubicle for too long, I find myself in a much different space than I once knew. I once looked out on the world wondering what I had to offer. What should I be doing? Where should I be going? Who would I become? I spent a good bit of time questioning, searching, wandering, looking for purpose in life. I was unsure about who I was, so I looked to others to measure who I should be.

Well, that part of my life is finished.

I hear that our purpose in life is to experience our soul’s highest ideal for itself. And that by coming to this world, we chose to incarnate into a physical body to express and experience our life’s purpose.

Moving into another year, I find myself moving away from the many questions and concerns about life.

I find myself coming into an understanding of the world and my place in it.

And I’m thankful.

Before I move forward, though, I’d like to share a few things I’m leaving behind me:


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Competition kills.

Our individual and collective freedoms reside in our ability to cooperate, to act jointly. Each person, residing in their individual purpose, working collectively to weave together a beautiful tapestry of our world.

Being Ego Driven.

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In the mythical story of Adam, Eve and the garden of Eden, God places ‘a flaming sword turning every way’ along with ‘cheribum,’ or angels, to ‘guard the way to the tree of life.’

The metaphorical ‘flaming sword’ is a direct nod to mankind’s motivation and drive. Being driven by our own selfish desires, we actually prevent ourselves, as well as everyone else, from reaching our full potential.

In essense, we chase after one another. Losing sight of our own promise, we drop our inheritance in the pursuit of another’s. This cycle has been ongoing, since, well, we left that peaceful graden.

To this day, you can see this running in circles drive away our mutual prosperity.

This depiction was widely known and highly regarded amongst many pre moden socieities as a sign from God. It was thought of as an auspicious or lucky symbol representing God’s promise to return the world back to a state of mutual sharing. Before being made notorious in Germany by the Nazi party, it was called the gammodian cross.

Living Unaware.

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Kundalini is a word that has long since been used to described a latent form of energy ‘coiled’ at the base of the spine. When this sleeping energy awakens, it travels up from the base of the spine to the top of the head causing a ‘transformation of consciousness.’ This tranformative process is said to lead to spiritual enlightenement.

Keeping with allegories and considering its aliases, ‘fiery serpent, solar serpent,’ ‘coiled one,’ its easy to understand the connection to the subtle ‘serpent’ which speaks to Eve. When you consider the serpent’s punishment: the whole crawling on the belly forever thing; you can easily equate that to the base of the spine where the ‘coiled one rests.’

The personification of the serpent, like all allegorical tales, reminds us of a important lesson: use our creative, superhuman powers for good.

Lest we stretch forth our hands and begin to act jointly as caretakers of this world and every living soul in it, we will never know the promises held for our individual and collective futures.


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Notwithstanding, I’m finished with religions. Not in the singular sense of the word – the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods. If you think about it, that exactly what we just talked about above.

I accept the wisdom that comes along with religious philosophies, I’m just rejecting the controversy that stipulates one has to go before another.

We are on ONE planet. We are ONE on this planet. We are One.

If we don’t conquer the forces that divide us, we are doomed to be conquered by them. Isn’t LOVE the name of the game anyway? If so, wouldn’t that make our divisive conversations ungodly?


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Living beings are the single institution. When we invest our energies in directly supporting life, we will see the need to invest in third party institutions fade away.


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I’m looking forward to a purpose driven lifestyle. #NoCheatCode

The most effective way, I see of doing that is putting all my energy to fulfilling that purpose.

God gave me purpose and following the purpose leads to my inheritance.


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Racism. Sexism. Classism.

Any ism or ist that serves to further distract and divide people from the true issues pulling us apart as a human culture is a distraction.

Anything not aligned with Love is a distraction.

Fear; Guilt and Shame

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I am an eternal soul traveling through a temporary experience. Everything that I have experienced has led me to this moment. All my life experiences are working together for my highest good.

I’m thankful.


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I am the truest expression of the Divine. I am The Creator’s child. I embody the WILL, of THAT, in which serves my greatest purpose and grandest design.

I Am The Way. I Am The Truth. I Am The Light.


That about sums it all up.

Enjoy the New Year!

– Benjamin Elliott #LoveAlways

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