Letting Go!

I recently made a decision to come clean about past sexual trauma.

It had been a milestone along a life long journey toward self discovery and self fulfilment. Although God had already allowed me to deal with and address the pain, I still needed to get a handle on how I allowed my past to impact my present.

By stepping away from the shadowy curtain of past hurts, I began freeing myself from the false ideas which constructed and constricted my life. Laying down ideas centered around fear, guilt and shame, I began to reassemble the true images which reflected the person I had hidden away.

Until we take care to consider the experiences which inform and direct our everyday lives, we may never truly discover the true potential hidden within them.

Awareness plays a pivotal role.

Here are a few awareness steps which helped move me forward in my life:

Take time to reflect.

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When we reflect, we become more aware of the forces which drive our lives. Reflection allows us to see the big picture. The proverbial ‘hindsight being 20/20.’

This is because the past is sacred ground which holds a vision of who we can be. The present is a gift which holds the brush of destiny. In order to paint a masterful vision for our future, we, first, must see the full beauty our past brings so we can fill our life’s canvas with the same hue.

That is to say, everything we encounter has a purpose, and that purpose is to bring us to a deeper understanding of who we are. By understanding who we are, we better understand where in our lives we should be and exactly what we should be doing.

Looking back allow yourself to relive and release yourself from the past. Write, draw, listen to music, or do whatever it takes to allow that inner voice to speak and express itself, clearly.

Whatever you do, take time to be with yourself. Its time well deserved.

Stay objective.

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Are we living the lives we know we’re truly supposed to live? Or do our lives reflect harsh criticisms based on our past?

When we are objective, we overlook our partial biases of right and wrong to clearly see the issues blocking our way.

Often, we will find that during ours times of distress, we’re simply being hurt by a moment. Feeling hurt often shades an experience.

Being objective draws the shade back and allows us to see clearly. By seeing clearly, we see exactly what might be causing us to react a certain way.

Ultimately, by being objective, we’re better able to see exactly what initial hurt (root cause) prompted our reply.

Forgive yourself, then forgive another.

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Hurt people hurt people and the offended tend to use the same tool as the offender.

By opening our mind to seeing the entire picture, we better understand how one experience worked to move us forward onto our life’s purpose.

That’s the power of forgiveness.

Most all issues stem from a deeper place. What we may have considered a setback in our lives, may have helped remove an obstacle to our growth. By acknowledging our experience with praise, we open ourselves up to receiving wisdom.

When we begin to understand how past hurts lead us to feelings of fear, guilt, frustration and shame, we allow ourselves to see, exactly, what blocks our path to happiness and freedom.

Again, it’s important to take time to stop and reflect on what life is telling us. What hurts are we carrying forward? What, exactly, are we responding to? How well do our responses reflect our true feelings?

By acknowledging these bitter roots, we’re better able to see how often they have impacted our lives. By understanding how frequently our lives are being impacted, we open ourselves up to forgiveness. By forgiving, we detach from painful experiences and release ourselves toward the achievement of our greatest wish.

Remember, being happy is the first and last step to success.

Visualize yourself living your highest ideal, your greatest wish, your grandest desire.

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Now that we’ve begun decluttering our minds of any negative spaces and we’re seeing our life for what it truly is – a complete experience, let’s start focusing on how that experience might be altered to fit our ideal lifestyle.

Remember, our lives are a reflection of how we feel.

If there is something in our life that has us feeling less than our happy selves then chances are we aren’t living our dream life.

If it’s not the ideal life we’ve imagined for ourself, then who’s life is it?

Stop for a moment.

Take time to visualize your perfect dream.

If there were no limits to your life how would you live it? What would you be doing. Who would you be doing it with? Where would you all be? Pay extra close attention to yourself in this dream. HOW are you?

Keep in mind that this is your personal vision. It is important not to place limiting factors, such as time, money, resources and, or past fears.

This is your perfect life.

See it.

Believe it!

Meditate, meditate, meditate. Take as long as you wish.

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Every moment begins with a thought and our reality depends on how often we revolve around the same thought.

Here are several meditation practices to help focus these thoughts:

⊙ What is my highest ideal, the grandest design for my life?

⊙ What are the people, places, thoughts and things which help to contribute in reaching my perfect life vision?

⊙ What are the people, places, thoughts and things least advantageous to reaching my vision?

⊙ Focus on the times when you’ve felt most abundant and most happy with your life. Now focus on the least. Think about what purpose both those occasions served for you. What were they telling you? Take note of WHO you were being. Ask yourself, what is life telling me about my personal relationship with myself? What’s required to live your grandest design?

Let it go.

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As we prepare to move forward into this spiritual realm of new beginnings that is 2017 (2017 being the year of ONE, numerically, and 5 years following the, Mayan predicted, end of the world) it’s important that we begin taking the time to reflect and consider how we might allow ourselves to live truly free and prosperous lifestyles.

Over the next several weeks, I encourage you to consider yourself.

Taking into account items most and least serving to your ideal lifestyle, begin releasing whatever it is that no longer makes you happy. Keep what does.

Once all things have been considered, let EVERYTHING GO!. I repeat, let EVERYTHING GO!

Mentally this means releasing the idea of the perfect life, as well as all ideas about your current life. Begin with a clean slate. Just yourself.

Physically this means getting rid of things that stand between you and your happiness. Starting with one small item, begin giving away everything that serves as a reminder of unhappy experiences. For some this may mean one thing for others this may be everything.

Whatever it is LET IT GO!

Share it with you, first.

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This is a sacred vision. A divine thought.

At the start of the next or nearest NEW moon, begin focusing on being the person you envisioned while living your greatest wish. By being the person you envisioned, you embody the spirit which created the reality in the first place. The only difference from the you of the present and the you that you envisioned is who you are being.

You may want to write-out your vision or even create a vision board.(Pinterest is an excellent tool for keeping the vision in front of you.)

Fill your soul with the vision of its happiest existence.

When you’re satisfied, begin sharing it with those nearest and dearest to you. Those people that complement your vision.

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Sharing your vision pulls it closer to you. With the extra intention, you will have pulled what was once a dream into reality.

The dream may not appear overnight.

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Often you have to travel through hell to make it to heaven. To move from where you are now to where you envisioned yourself, you may have to go through a reordering of life.

Often we carry baggage which we accommodate for in our lives. Removing the baggage can often be an uncomfortable process. It may mean removing people, thoughts or things that represent the baggage we carry.

Being honest with our true selves allows us to stay focused on our dreams and to continue to believing in our visions.


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Continuing to repeat each step above will help to allow you to move safely through the trials of change.

That’s all I have for now.

I truly pray 2017 bears the fruits our your highest destiny. Let this be the year which sets into motion everything your Soul truly desires.

Ashe. Namaste. Amen. – Benjamin Elliott


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