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The Life Planner

The Life Planner is a step x step guide for personal life development.  It assists by laying out key life areas to focu on and address.

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Learn how The Life Planner can create a more connected and fulfilling environment for your organization and its members.

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The Assembly Line

Join a growing number of business owners exercising their power through cooperative development.

Help dismantle the corporate capitalist economy by building local business communities dedicated to improving the welfare of its community.

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Sanctuary Cities

Become a sponsor today and help transform our communities into vibrant centers of health and


Community Sponsors help shape and mold emerging communities by providing the capital, leadership and resources we need to thrive.

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The People's Assembly

Join a dynamic group of community leaders working together to create a lasting impact on our communities.

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We are a Neighborhood aNd Community Reinvestment club that offers comprehensive programming to Improve The Health And Well-Being of our Families, Neighborhoods And Communities.

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