What is a wealth club?

A wealth club is a community association where members invest

in improving in their health and well-being while investing in others.

By doing so, we aid in developing creative solutions to improve the general well-being of our member base.

How does it work?

  • Members select their member level;

  • Members pay a monthly fee;

  • Members participate in wealth development programming;

  • Members collectively invest.

Ready To Join?


Let's Get You RegistereD:

Our specialized program helps ready members for the funding stage while pairing them with the partners and resources required for

project development. 

We are a club, so that mean you have to sign-up to join.

You can join as an individual, an organization or a corporation. 


We'll help you choose the right one during the next step.

Click here to register.


Schedule An Appointment:

Let's make sure you're right for the club.


More importantly,

let's make sure we're right 

for you.


Once you've completed your registration,

you'll be directed to our virtual calendar. 

You'll have the opportunity to select a date and time that works best with your schedule.

We'll answer any questions you might have about the process. 

Submit your references

Our community is all about health & wellness.

So we ask each applicant to provide at least 3 reference 

who can attest to the character and experience of each applicant.

But we also Love what we do. 

So don't be surprised if your reference

becomes a member.   

Select your member level

So We Are the Right Fit!


Let's Make Sure You Select The Right Membership.


Ok, so you have a few options:


Business Owner



We'll answer any questions you might have about the process. 

Begin Your Journey

Who Are You?


Often we're lead to believe,

that who we are is a function

of what we do. 

Really it's the inverse.

Allow us to take you on a guided process to slip off the layers of societal norms and begin engaging, revealing, nurturing and growing the inner you. 

Beginning with our Life Planner, members go through a process that works to identify their life's purpose and prepares a plan that readies our members towards individual fulfillment.

Let's begin.





We are a Neighborhood aNd Community Reinvestment club that offers comprehensive programming to Improve The Health And Well-Being of our Families, Neighborhoods And Communities.

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