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Buffalo Coalition
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Join neighborhood and community organizations in growing healthy, wealthy and sustainable communities.

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assembly mixes| #AssembleThePeople

Assembly Mixes are collaborative projects highlighting community issues through creative video, audio and print media designed to promote and market immediate solutions to ongoing and long-term community issues.  Assembly Mixes serve as public service announcements to galvanize support around critical community issues.


pop ups | #hashtagconversations

Pop ups are random, yet strategic community engagement activities designed to prompt immediate call and response from partner organizations.  Pop ups are designed to engage the community on its immediate and pressing needs. Hosting impromptu jam sessions, dialogues and offering an extended invitation to participate in online #HashTagConversations.  We discuss pertinent, persistent and pressing issues and solutions. 

get downs| #PowerToThePeople

GET DOWNS are evening affairs.  

Posted up in with our partner organization we connect in a relaxed atmosphere.  GET DOWNS invites our conversations  to dissolve into a cauldron of good music, beautiful people and happy friends.  

kickbacks| #ShowYourWork

Fundraising events where purpose meets fun.  These highly curated events exhibit the finest of our community.  Proceeds and donations for KICKBACKS go to support each night's cause.  

get together and build ups| #FulfillTheDream

Service events, workshops, free spaces, happy places and project planning meetings geared towards building community projects and solutions.   These group planned events centered on implementing community based solutions

symposiums and town halls| #MentalHealthMatters

Closed community discussions to address important issues impacting the local community.  Theses community platforms assist in opening productive dialogue to pursue dynamic and creative solutions. 


THE WAY is an online local news and community program geared towards monitoring and reporting on community solutions.  THE WAY works to provide, in-depth analysis into critical issues impacting local communities by providing real and live coverage of ongoing fixes to systemic issues.

study halls| #WorkingTogether

STUDY HALLS offer an after-hour environment to develop content, designs, projects and programs and to do homework.  Hosted in community shops, restaurants, cafes, libraries, museums, public partner facilities, communities connect and collaborate over a number of issues.


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